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0000379Cinematic Tools[All Projects] Generalpublic2018-09-01 08:43
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Summary0000379: theHunter: Call of the Wild crash during injection
DescriptionWhen using theHunter Cinematic Tools.exe or an external program to inject CT_theHunterCoTW.dll, the game crashes instantly.
Steps To ReproduceLaunch and start the game
Run the .exe or attempt to inject .dll using another program.
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2018-08-18 11:28

reporter   ~0000345

Same issue


2018-08-19 10:29

administrator   ~0000347

Upload the log file from Steam\steamapps\common\theHunterCotW\Cinematic Tools\CT.log


2018-08-29 20:13

reporter   ~0000348

It still crashing


2018-08-29 21:58

administrator   ~0000349

Log file, not the exe

CT.log which is located at
Steam\steamapps\common\theHunterCotW\Cinematic Tools\


2018-09-01 08:43

reporter   ~0000353

Same for me. Launching the updater the following error appears:
Unable to read version file. "/CT_theHunterCoTW_20180807/version" could not be found.

Please see the CT.log attached.

CT.log (803 bytes)

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