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Summary0000376: requesting cinematic's tools for F1 2017 & GHOST RECON WILDLAND'S
DescriptionHey i know this isnt the place for posting stuff like this but i love the idea of this tool and intend to be using it very soon in The Division, Just Cause and maybe GHOST RECON WILDLANDS if you decide to support it. So I'll get straight to the point my name is Yashh Mane (Mumbai - India) I am a Film Student and I have a story which has alot of formula 1 game footage in it (its a movie that revolves around formula 1 video game racing) i have seen your tool and its superb outcome in The Division and was wondering if you could maybe add support for FORMULA 1 2017. But not only for PHOTO MODE but also a VIDEO MODE. I would love to have the ability to have a free cam mode where i can plan my own shots and pan the cam accordingly. or even have the abilty wherein i can race for lets say 40 seconds and then have the abilty to take a sort of FREE CAM and just take it right in the middle of the action pull in right between 2 cars as one pushes the other into the barriers or on the grass. or right in between a major crash
if you could do this or somthing similar it would be a mojor major help in me getting my indie Project off the floor. F1 already has something similar wherein you can do the entire race and then watch a replay of the entire race from start to finish like its a real f1 race and even the abilty to change which racers you wanna see and a few on car camera's as well but i wanna use some really intense shots like really low to the ground as the car almost looses grip while taking turn as i can then convey this in my movie as the driver is loosing his cool unable to control his car as opposed to later in the movie when he gets control over his demons and is able to slice the turn off with his car with surgical precision without any skidding for this id like to take the same angle but with the camera higher this time showing more of the car as it take the high speed turn as opposed to the previous shot which has the tyres and the tracks with skid marks and smoke more prominent in the shot. I am really passionate about this project of mine and getting the free cam would be major major support. looking forward to hearing from you. and hey thanks for making this tool man i cant wait to get it in my system and start playing with it. If you could also consider doing the same thing for GHOST RECON WILDLANDS it would be awesome. Hell I'd go ahead and make an entire movie using this tool and the ingame footage. thanks for the tool man, its great!
Additional Informationi chose Priority as immediate to maybe get your attention faster. there's no deadline on this and no immediacy as such just getting it soon would mean i'd be able to work on the footage and maybe get people on board and maybe even some producers ( the producer part is serious wishful thinking )
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