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0000355Cinematic ToolsStar Wars: Battlefrontpublic2018-06-16 20:31
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Summary0000355: Battlefront 2 (2017) Cinetool issues report
Description- Launching the camera in the multiplayer leads to a instant crash of the game. I don't know if it's made on purpose, due to anticheat or something else but I wish we could record multiplayer matches to have all the environments the game has to offer.

- If we disable the camera while being dead in star fighter arcade the game crashes.

Additional InformationOther minor issues:

- In Star Fighter arcade, camera lock on player does not work again. Before the update the camera lock was also a bit buggy (the camera was not following the ship movement but seemed to be locked to a point moving in space, not sure this is clear but it acted pretty much how the locked on player works on battlefield 1 spectator which is not the best).
I guess those lock issues are the same on characters in arcade.

- Camera track when locked on player do not work (I guess due to the absence of a functional lock on player).

Issues present before the update:

- When locked on player disable gamepad input did not work while disable mouse input did work and we could control the ship or character but the mouse sensitivity seemed increased by a lot when doing this.

Features that could be added:

Time speed control to be able to shoot more efficiently cinematics in free cam
A freecam for the new inspector view in character customisation

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