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0000335Cinematic ToolsNeed for Speed Paybackpublic2018-06-08 03:12
Reporterph4nt0m7Assigned ToHattiwatti 
Status resolvedResolutionunable to reproduce 
PlatformpcOSwin 10 64bitOS Version
Summary0000335: camera track doesn't work
Descriptiongame crashed when I place 2 cameras and push button play
tested only "play manual". idk if it turns off
Steps To Reproduce1. place 2 or more cameras
2. push button "P" on keyboard
3. for fast reaction push f1 to open menu
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2018-03-25 12:19

reporter   ~0000315

description isn't correct:
if u delete node it crash, every time and when "play manual" is off

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